direction Cristiano Fagioli

coreography Cristiano Fagioli,Cristina Ledri e Alessandra Odoardi

dancers Cristina Ledri, Alessandra Odoardi, Chiara Pagano, Francesca Benedetti, Marco Mantovani, Giovanni Imbroglia

light design Giancarlo Vannetti, Cristiano Fagioli

digital production Think3D SRL

original music Virginio Zoccatelli e Diego Todesco

costumes Donatella Bressan

service Me quadro service

comunication e media marketing Sonia Mingo

production RBR Dance Company

management Vittorio Stasi 

Duration 75 minuti senza intervallo

World Premiere  27 luglio 2021 | Florence Dance Festival

The dance illusionists bring to the stage an installation that combines dance and technique, unexpected scenic mutations and plays of light are just some of the surprises of this show.

The resulting scenic and visual result is surprising: dancers alternate on the stage appearing and disappearing and the audience will be pleasantly projected into an atmosphere rarefied by magical optical illusions. All at the service of universal and engaging themes.

For the Company the relationship between man and nature in always central, the search for one’s origins, the need for authenticity, in a continuum of snapshots and emotional choreographies. Themes included in a research path that place man and woman in front of nature, mother and at the same time adversary, in a wonderful and inexhaustible existential dimension.

On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri, the Company also rediscovers the affinities with the Supreme Poet who in the famous phrase “Three things are left of the paradise: the stars, the flowers and the children.” remember that the true riches that man has are the universe in which he was created,  the precious resources he has on this planet and the hope of a better future.

Florence Dance Festival


Firenze (FI)

Teatro Rossini – AMAT


Pesaro (PU)

Teatro Lavaroni


Osimo (AN)