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BOOMERANG the illusionists of Dance

A dream journey that begins with the appearance of life on earth, the birth of man and which then develops into three different environments but connected to each other by the direct or indirect presence of the human race. Boomerang the Dance’s illusionists, supported by highly hypnotic directorial choices, the masterful use of lights and evocative music, literally capture the viewer on a journey that each of us should undertake to understand how each of our every decision or action, whether conscious or not, correspond to the same and contrary actions, even those we implement in relation to the environment in which we live.

New Production

The Company RBR Illusionists of Dance, for years engaged in artistic projects aimed at raising awareness for respect for the environment, with this new creation inspired by Canova, will stage an original interpretation of the works of the greatest exponent of Neoclassicism in sculpture.

The viewer will be able to witness a real translation: the works of art of the Master of Possagno will take shape in the contemporary world. Canova will be the “guide” of this scenic journey, he will be the light that will indicate the passage, he will be the voice of prophecies in a visionary dancing experience.