direction Cristiano Fagioli

choreography Cristina Ledri e Cristiano Fagioli 

assistant Alessandra Odoardi

creation for 6 dancers 

original music Diego Todesco

digital production Think3D SRL

costumes Cristina Ledri

communication and media marketing Sonia Mingo

production RBR Dance Company

management Vittorio Stasi – stasiteatro@gmail.com

Duration 75 minutes without intermission


The Illusionists of Dance, Company that for years has staged artistic projects aimed at raising awareness of respect for the environment, presents a world premiere, the H2OMIX show for the Teatro Comunale in Piacenza.

Evocative scenic paintings will lead the spectators between the joyful notes of life and the awareness of its fragility, linked to one of its main elements: Water. We will be able to hear the sound of the breath of the first men, who in the dark of the mists of time move their primitive and rough steps and playfully immerse themselves in the fertile waters, a source of sustenance.

Blue acquires the meaning of purification and religious initiation but water is not only a sacred element but also a reflection of our vices, of our vanity which leads us to perish as in the myth of Narcissus.

Water is a destructive force, an emblem of nature that looms over man.
It is a reflection that places us in empathy with the entire cosmos on starry nights.

An illusionistic journey that will allow us to reflect on the meaning, symbolism and importance of water, expanding that sense of responsibility that humanity has towards Nature.