The Man

The Man is an evocative performance […] which has overturned the rawness of scenes shot in Matera in the beauty of the movements […] in the human tableau enclosing every scene. The process and the sentence; the flogging brilliantly conveyed through ropes; the crown of thorns, not worn around Christ’s head but on his own body, which makes him say: “my thorns are your love dreams”.
On the Holy Cross, a 4 meter installation which spins of the stage […]. The curtain opens and closes while the dancers move of the stage and the Resurrection, powerful and bright, is beautifully expressed. Barbara Castellano April 2017

At the Giuditta Pasta Theatre on stage the evocative “The Man – The Passion of the Christ” […] is certainly not afraid to break the rules and most of all the traditional Christian iconography, […] the centre of the performance is The Man. The emotions come alive, thanks to dancer bodies and their emotional charge; they cancel the distance between the stage and the spectators, leaving the audience breathless. The direction of Cristiano Fagioli is skilled […] the idea of changing the form of the cross in an unusual tripod is brilliant, […] the set design is also very effective, there are only backdrops cast and light effects which create strong contrasts. When the choreography is over and the dancers stop dancing, the scene reminds us of a Caravaggio picture. […]. The strength of Art lies in the ability to amaze the audience and to be able to convey the emotions of human soul.

Sempione News  Melissa Gifuni March 2017

Amazing “The Man” by RBR Dance Company […] the title suggests that the human nature of Christ has been put first; Paolo Valerio, the voice off stage, reminds us of it, when he recounts the Holy Week events together with the “Via Crucis” meditations at the Coliseum. The different scenes captivate the audience. They display the most important facts of the three crucial days of Christ death and resurrection. A sort of “Bibblia pauperum”, a tale through images with a tragic atmosphere supported by the good technical level of the dancers. The images of the thorns remind us of giant spider by Bourgeois at the Tate or the Crucifixion by Antonello da Messina for the postures and Caravaggio for the lights

L’ Arena di Verona S. AZ. April 2016

Great success for the Premiere at the Petruzzelli Theatre. The Passion put into dance is really fascinating. A performance carried out with great ardour and which is able to capture the audience attention, involved by a strong impact choreography and an explicit narration. The sacral atmosphere is subtle and insinuating, conferring great appeal to the Passion of our Lord.

La gazzetta di Bari, Nicola Sbisà, April 2015

Indaco and the illusionists of Dance 

Indaco by RBR Dance Company, the strength of nature in a whirlwind of sensations.
[…]. It’s a performance which carries the audience in whirlwind of sensations until the very end. Thanks to special effect videos, cast on the backdrops, abstract or carnal scenery is created. In the performance, dedicated to the strengtht of nature, the dancers appear and disappear of the stage, magically increasing in number […], Vanessa Bambi, November 2015

[…]. It is not true that the special effects of sci-fic movies are impossible to be created in theatre. The RBR Dance Company with “Indaco” has given life to a performance, whose mystic and surreal settings exploit devices of the stage and not only modern computer programmes. The audience has been able to see a choreography with a unique narration but also a moment of delicate illusionism during which audience and dancers have shared a special empathy […] 80 minutes heap of talent and scenic creativity., Laura Sciortino, November 2015

The work that RBR Dance Company brought on the stage of the Teatro Centrale last Saturday, not surprisingly entitled “Indaco” (“Indigo”), inspired by Sagan’s essay, has brought to light both through dance and images projected in the background, […] the themes of the relationship between man and nature. In the various scenes of the representation […], the forces that move life on the planet and the existence of man have been highlighted in an explicit way: the peculiar use of lights has also allowed to create fascinating effects that make the vision extremely spectacular […]. Great applauses finally rewarded the performers, for what was the last show of a Cedac show program among the best of the last years.

Giovanni Di Pasquale, April 28th 2017, 

It was a heady show the one seen last night (January 12th) at the Teatro Kennedy in the second date of Fasanomusica 2019 […]. Dense with dreamlike atmospheres, thanks also to a captivating and hypnotic soundtrack; the performance, evocative and of strong impact, has unravelled between spectacular special video effects and original play of light. The story narrated by “Indaco” (inspired by “Pale blue dot: a vision of the human future in space” by Carl Sagan) is the one of our Mother Earth […]. Survival cannot be guaranteed by the exploration of space and the colonization of other distant worlds, but exclusively by the wise use of what we already have available. Only by respect, first between ourselves and then towards what surrounds us, we can make peace and eventually save ourselves .

Fasano Teatro Kennedy, Dino Cassone, January 2019


RBR assembles a mosaic of emotions and beauty. This worthy mosaic is a composition of a perfect style from a technical point of view, but emotional at the same time. […] The performance is a mechanism assembled with precision and great expertise. The choreography is hypnotic and highly evocative, with only few electrical lights, which shows a clear talent even in the choice to conceal the bodies of the stage.

Il giornale di Vicenza, Filippo Bordignon, September. 2014

Juliet and Romeo, love continues…

Exciting performance proposed by one of the most original dance companies of the Italian Theatre. An original but beautiful ballet with body language, sounds, lights and images creating a fascinating and refined synergy. The audience has been captured by the young dancers and the contemporary successful choreography.

Fasano BR, Alfonso Spagnolo, March 2013

Varietas Delectat Homage to Antonio Salieri

Moving Poetry, dance magic, a hymn to beauty and perfection. This performance has bewitched the audience of the Teatro Comunale of Casale Tuesday night. The ballet has opened the theatre prose season Varietas Delectat which is a homage to Antonio Salieri […].

Il Cittadino, Dario Paladini, October 2011

4 (Air, Water, Fire and Earth)

“Dancing with the four elements… An hour and a half of exciting performance, a successful and effective mixture of innovation and tradition […] the music, the lights and the costumes have made the show deep and fascinating

La gazzetta del mezzogiorno, Nicola Sbisà, February 2010


Statuaria: impeccable the balance, the timing and the precision of the dancers, all of them young and Italian. A unique style which puts together technique and lyric chorus.

tuttoDanza, Francesca Camponero, July 2008


Dreamlike and imaginative, hypnotic and dazzling, openspace is able to keep the audience stuck on the seat, which watches speechless the performance with the same excitement an astronomer would put in observing life on another planet. Worth seeing!, Pietra Motta, February 2007


A box of wonders and a never heard music. The optical illusions of the Verona RBR Dance Company gives something different to the audience. A mixture of joy, energy, will to live and humour […].

Il giornale di Vicenza, Roberta Maioli, January 2002