The Man

The Man

Performance co-produced with the Camerata Musicale Barese.

The passion tells the story of the man and his agony, of his sacrifice as a love display, which is endless, heroic and determined. It is told by means of the dance, in order to amplify its meaning, thanks to the splendour of this form of art which blends and expands ancestral sensations, cultural reference and emotional aspects.

The narration develops during the most important moments of this intense and vibrant story known all over the world as an example of absolute dedication and mark of hope.
It is a fundamental event in human history, which has inspired the world of art and culture and has hit the unconscious of believers and non-believers.

The performance can be described as a desire for something higher, dancing manoeuvres looking for a meaning, a consideration about the evil inside and outside ourselves, the ancestral fight between good and evil, the limitless power of love and forgiveness.

The narration is made up of scenes and direction solutions that cause reflections and open new visions about our everyday life and our human experience on earth. Each pain, agony, doubt in the story is conveyed through a dance of great impact, perfect movements inside a suspended and occasionally rarefied atmosphere, which captivates the audience, contemporary witnesses of an immortal existential message.