Indaco and the illusionists of Dance

Indaco and the illusionists of Dance

Indaco is a performance directed by Cristiano Fagioli and Gianluca Magnoni, with unreleased compositions by the Masters Virginio Zoccatelli and Diego Todesco and choreographies by Cristiano Fagioli.

This performance combines ballet, technique and major innovations thanks to special effect videos cast on original backcloth, light effects and direction solutions which are highly technological and particularly devised for the dance code.

The dancers interchange on the stage, appearing and disappearing, magically multiplying due to the lights and projections which will bewitch the audience. The spectators will be carried away to rarefied atmosphere of magic optic illusions.

The artistic direction is particularly interested in the following topics: respect for the environment and the relationship between man and nature. The latter is at the same time mother and rival, in an existential dimension, suffered and unlimited.