4 (Air, Water, Fire and Earth)

4 (Air, Water, Fire and Earth)

RBR Dance Company, in the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its activity, presents a new performance with unpublished tracks by Romina Salvatori, Stefano Pivato, Massimiliano Lupo e with the live voice of Romina Salvatori (clothes and jewellery by Gualti).

A voyage in the four elements, the blow of the wind, the sweetness of water, the heat of the sun which breaks into the soil, the encounter with the man, reaching a vital energy of the universe which has no colour or smell, invisible and impalpable, but which absorbs all emotional status: love, hatred, passion, desire; when the body dies the energy remains. The matter changes into spirit and it evolves.

During this path full of poetry, colour, hope, love and bravery, the audience will be able to meditate on the great mystery of life and on the greater mystery of the spirit, this inexhaustible energy which surrounds man and his evolution.

Once more RBR investigates the infinite by means of the dance, a form of art which is performed in the space and time, around and inside us, universal language and regenerating symphony.