Cristina Ledri

Apart from being one of the choreographers in the RBR, Cristina likes to design stage costumes which become real scenographic elements. But her real passion is dancing: “when I improvise I am really myself, I move in the space, I raise to infinite dimensions, I barely touch the ground I nearly reach the sky, I become estranged, I am everything and nothing at the same time, my mind is absent and my heart prevails”.

Dancer, choreographer teacher and costume designer, Cristina starts studying classical contemporary ballet at the age of 8 in Verona and Milan. At 15 she passes the selections at the Royal Accademy and in 1996 she wins the Prize “I love life” at the 6th International ballet Contest in the town of Rieti. In the same year she is contacted by the choreografer Moses Pendleton to be guest at his seminars in Milan and Rome. She is later chosen to take part as dancer in the TV programme “Tiramisù” with Pippo Baudo and she works in some TV ads and as testimonial for fashion companies.

In 1997 she goes to New York to specialize in classical, modern, contemporary and acrobatic ballet at the Broadway Dance Center and Ballet Art in City Center where Carl Paris, a choreografer of the Alvin Aley Two, produces two solo choreografies for her. She studies in Paris with A. Glegolsky and D. Karagiannoupoulou.

She comes back to Italy to teach classical and contemporary ballet. In 1998, together with Cristiano Fagioli, founds RBR Company, which has become an important entity and has been recognized by the Beni e Attività Curturali Ministry. The Company has been invited to several tv programmes such as “Notte di Fiaba” (RAI 1) and 88th Giro d’Italia (RAI 3).

In 2007 Cristiana creates the show “Red Passion” for the Milan Ballet with Luciana Savignano as special guest; she also designs the costumes.

Between 2000 and 2015 his many performaces are succesfully on tour in Italy and abroad: “Bicycle 2000/2001”, “Abyss”, “Nel Tempio delle Due Muse” “Carmina Burana”, “Open Space”, “Blue Two”, “Statuary”, “Show System”, “Pericle Princpe di Tiro”, “4” (Air, Water, Fire and Earth), “La Natura e l’Amore”, “Varietas Delectat“, “Mosaico”, “Juliet and Romeo, love continues…“, “The Circus of Zeus” and “The Man”. 

2015 is the year of two important productions: “Indaco and the illusionists of Dance”, a dancing tale about the environment as the very soul of the world, and “The Man”, commisioned by the Musical Chamber of Bari. Both performances have been on tour during 2016 and 2017.

In the theatrical season 2018-2019-2020, by popular demand for the awareness of the public opinion on the theme of the environmental respect, the tour of the show “Indaco e gli illusionisti della Danza” (“Indaco and the illusionists of the Dance”) will continue, placed side by side to a new project “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway-show“.

In fact, the company has been commissioned for the creation of the choreographies for this production, curated by Luigi Caiola for ArsLab Italia. A show that, through symbolic scenes, follows the homonymous Genesis concept album: Peter Gabriel’s last work with the band, in which live music and dance come together to narrate the “self-search” journey of Real, the protagonist of this dreamlike story.

Thanks to his unique and eclectic style Cristiano’s performances are commisioned for various events such as the Oscar of the Opera at the Arena in Verona, Volkswagen, Glaxo Smith Klein, Yamaha, Virgin, Just, Antonio Marras, Velux, Byblos Art Hotel, Cattolica Assicurazioni, Tecres, Banca Mediolanum.

Among the others we like to remember the many recognitions she has received: Positano Leonida Massine Prize, Hesperia Prize, International cultural Prize Re Manfredi.