Cristiano Fagioli and Cristina Ledri are the very soul of the RBR Dance Company, which was founded in 1998 after a rich experience of training and improvers courses in New York and Paris. The Company takes its name after the Subway lines which run from Brooklyn, where Fagioli and Ledri used to live, to Manhattan.

A name which is meant to be a tribute to the great masters and locations of contemporay ballet.

In 1999, less than a year after its foundation, RBR calls the attention of the audience and critics with the choreography “Bicycle 2000/2001″” devised for the “World Bicycle Championship” in Verona. Thanks to this performance Fagioli and Ledri gain an important award: “Premio Positano Danza Leonida Massine”. Other important results follow soon: the MiBACT recognition by the Italian Ministry and the official debut in Rome with the performance “RBR Show”.

Between 2002 and 2004 the Company appears both on stage and on Television, most of all in some Italian Television programmes such as “Notte di fiaba” and “88° Giro d’Italia”. Its work is very fertil and favourable with the performances “Nel tempio delle due muse” shown at the Olympic theatre in Vicenza and “Carmina Burana” at the town theatre of Lonigo.

A decade follows until 2014, during which performances are held in Italy and abroad: “Abyss”, “Open Space” (with a tour in Mexico) “Blue Two” a co-production with the Bellini Theatre of Catania, “Statuary”, “Show System” “Pericle, Principe di Tiro” performed as national premiere at the Roman Theatre of Verona, “4” (Air, Water, Fire and Earth) as premiere at the Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari, “La natura e l’amore” together with the Virtuosi Italiani, “Varietas Delectat” performed at the theatre of the Hermitage in S. Petersburg, “Mosaico” created for the important prize Michelangelo, “Juliet and Romeo, love continues…” and “The Circus of Zeus” a performance commisioned by the Arteven (Regional theatre circuit).2015 is the year of two important productions: “Indaco and the illusionists of Dance”, a dancing tale about the environment as the very soul of the world, and “The Man”, commisioned by the Musical Chamber of Bari. Both performances have been on tour during 2016 and 2017.

In the theatrical season 2018-2019-2020, by popular demand for the awareness of the public opinion on the theme of the environmental respect, the tour of the show “Indaco e gli illusionisti della Danza” (“Indaco and the illusionists of the Dance”) will continue, placed side by side to a new project “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway-show“.

In fact, the company has been commissioned for the creation of the choreographies for this production, curated by Luigi Caiola for ArsLab Italia. A show that, through symbolic scenes, follows the homonymous Genesis concept album: Peter Gabriel’s last work with the band, in which live music and dance come together to narrate the “self-search” journey of Real, the protagonist of this dreamlike story.

The Dance Company has received several awards and recongnitions, like the Hesperia Prize, the International Prize Re Manfredi, the Premio Michelangelo Recognition. It often acts as partner in national shows like the Opera Oscar at the Arena of Verona, the Doge ball in Venice, the Ambrosian Carnival in Milan. It takes part in advertising events for important companies such as Volkswagen, Glaxo Smith Klein, Yamaha, Virgin, Just, Antonio Marras, Velux, Byblos Art Hotel, Cattolica Assicurazioni, Tecres, Banca Mediolanum.