• Abyss

    Sea life is the norm while Earth life is an exception.

  • Openspace

    A voyage through the universe, disclosing a hope for the future.

  • Statuary

    A godlike effort to bring the world in a statue.

  • 4 (Air, Water, Fire and Earth)

    A voyage in the four elements, the blow of the wind, the sweetness of water, the heat of the sun which breaks into the soil, the encounter with the man.

  • Varietas Delectat

    A homage performance to Antonio Salieri and his operas.

  • Juliet and Romeo, love continues…

    The narration starts with their death, in the very moment when the Shakespeare’s play stops.

  • Indaco and the illusionists of Dance

    The relationship between Man and Nature: the dancers interchange on the stage, appearing and disappearing, magically multiplying in a rarefied atmosphere of magic optic illusions.

  • The Man – a story of Passion

    A consideration about the evil inside and outside ourselves, the ancestral fight between good and evil, the limitless power of love and forgiveness.