Cristiano Fagioli

Bodies meeting and unveiling their spirits”: with this quotation Cristiano Fagioli likes to describe what he loves the most, ballet, his passion and profession.

This very passion has led him to found RBR Dance Company together with Cristina Ledri.

Cristiano, producer, director, choreographer and dancer, starts his career at Cim in Verona studying sound and singing. He travels to New York and then Paris to specialize and there he works as teacher at the Accademie des Artes Choreographiques and Harminic Studio. The RBR Company has been founded following these experieces. Cristiano loves to describe it as a “very refined Dance Company whose performances are captivating without exceeding in virtuosity”. It has become an important entity and has been recognized by the Ministry of Beni e Attività Curturali . The Company has been invited to several tv programmes such as “Notte di Fiaba” (RAI 1) and 88th Giro d’Italia (RAI 3).

Between 2000 and 2015 his many performaces are succesfully on tour in Italy and abroad: “Bicycle 2000/2001”, “Abyss”, “Nel Tempio delle Due Muse” “Carmina Burana”, “Open Space”, “Blue Two”, “Statuary”, “Show System”, “Pericle Princpe di Tiro”, “4” (Air, Water, Fire and Earth), “La Natura e l’Amore”, “Varietas Delectat”, “Mosaico”, “Juliet and Romeo, love continues…“, “The Circus of Zeus”, “Indaco and the illusionists of Dance” and “The Man”.

Thanks to his unique and eclectic style Cristiano’s performances are commisioned for various events such as the Oscar of the Opera at the Arena in Verona, Volkswagen, Glaxo Smith Klein, Yamaha, Virgin, Just, Antonio Marras, Velux, Byblos Art Hotel, Cattolica Assicurazioni, Tecres, Banca Mediolanum.

Among the others we like to remember the many recognitions he has received: Positano Leonida Massine Prize, Hesperia Prize, International cultural Prize Re Manfredi.